About linen

The history of linen starts in ancient Egypt when the Egyptians had to invent a light and breathable material. Today the renaissance of linen is taking place as a lot of us newly discovered the linen material and products of it.


With the advent of the new methods and ways of processing the flax, the linen material can be both hard and soft. At the moment, the washed linen which is softened by using modern softening technology is especially attractive.

First of all, in order to produce the flax material it starts with the sowing of the seeds. Nowadays, the sowing of the flax seeds is usually performed by the automated machines.

During the growing phase, it is very important to take care of the crop from the weeds that can cover the crops and damage it. In order to obtain high-quality yarn at its final stage and to produce the material from it, the stalks must be strong and tall. Thus, growing period requires proper and constant care. For these reasons, the flax is mostly grown in the northern countries.

The harvesting starts when the flax stalks turn yellow. It takes about 100 days from sowing the flax seeds to harvesting of the flax stalks. After the harvesting, the next step is removal of the leaves and seeds from the stems. Later, a special stem crushing process takes place where the hard part of the flax stem is removed from the soft part. When the soft part is obtained the following processing phases are performed, i.e. flax combing and spinning. After this, the soft parts of the flax are spun and joined together. In such a way the flax rope is produced, from which the threads are later made.

flax thread

After the threads are prepared and twisted on the bobbins, the threads may be dyed. After this, the drying process starts and at the final stage the production of the flax material starts and nowadays, the huge automated machines are used for the production of the material. Once the material is in place, the softening process takes place. And as a result of this long and attention taking process we have ready flax materials from which we can make gorgeous and high quality products and things.