Conditions - In our daily activities we follow the principle “closer to nature”, therefore, we think about nature and use only the energy-saving equipment and devices in our sewing process.

We also try to ensure great working conditions so that not only the buyers remain satisfied with the ordered products but also our employees who are significantly related to the sewing and preparation process. Therefore, our employees are guaranteed favorable working hours, medical insurance, work related training and a competitive and attractive remuneration for the great work performed.

FLAX - as a material itself the flax is almost ecological material compared to such materials as cotton. The production of flax material requires much less water, pesticide and energy.


The biggest natural enemy of flax is the field mouse, which tries to eat the flax seeds.

Linen is not only environmentally friendly material but also very universal. The following are a only a few worth noting things about the flax material:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable
  • Highly breathable and Absorbent

In our production activities we use only European flax which is marked with the EUROPEAN FLAX™ fiber is produced in Western Europe: France, Belgium, Netherlands. Also, our linen material is softened in the most environmentally friendly way with the natural enzymes. This way requires much less energy and water compared to the stone wash softening method.

Slow fashion - the linen does not age due to its natural features and origin from nature.

Slow fashion

The design of our products is designed and wholly thinked in our studio by pursuing the ideas to last as long as possible, to inspire and to be suitable every season and any occasions.

Minimized waste - due to the fact that we control the entire production process in the company, i.e. the material cutting, sewing and shipping, we ensure the lowest possible production waste. 

Minimized waste linen fabric

Minimized waste is supported by our flexibility because we are sewing the products based only on the individual orders. So, we do not have in advance pre-made stock ensuring no mass production and possible waste of the unsold products.

Sustainable packaging - We only use environmentally friendly packaging (Carton boxes and Envelopes) for shipping the products.

Sustainable carton box

Our packaging materials are 100% compostable. Therefore, our packaging materials serve not only as a means for shipping, but our customers also can reuse the packaging materials for compost - from nature to nature.

We use corrugated cardboard and courier envelopes that are made from corn starch. So, it can be compostable within 6 months.

The difference between Biodegradable and Compostable materials is that Biodegradable material breaks down into small pieces leaving traces in nature. Opposite to it, the Compostable material decomposes 100% without leaving any trace. You can find more information about the compostable envelopes we use here.