Rediscover the linen with our beautiful handmade linen sewings.

We are a newly established family company. However, we continue the family traditions as a third generation involved in the sewing business. Therefore, we took over and further continue the family’s gained experience and traditions.

Marta and Voldemaras are brother and sister who decided to combine their skills creating Linen Notes.

We offer timeless products made from the natural flax material which helps to create a cozy, warm and comfortable interior.

Our attitude to be closer to nature is one of the main principles that guide us in our daily activities carrying this business.

We believe that the products which are functional, practical and beautifully designed will have the most significant impact for a better life and enrich our inner emotions in a positive way. And that’s exactly what our sewings are like, at least close to that.

We are very happy that thanks to our idea, our business is operating not in a big city but in a small town surrounded by nature where the most unbelievable ideas are born. Regardless of the fact that we are from a small and green country called Lithuania, which in old times was famous for growing flax and manufacturing flax material, our sewn products reach the farthest corners of the world.

From the very beginning of our company's activities, we have made it clear to ourselves that we are a socially responsible company that uses only environmentally friendly materials sewing our products.

In order to achieve this goal, our products are sewn only from European linen which is certified with an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and EUROPEAN FLAX®.